Steffi Liller - Who am I?

Steffi Liller was born in Offenbach/Germany 1978 and started after finishing school with skydiving and travelling around the world. She transferred per passion for outdoor sports and aerial sport soon into her profession. While finishing her degree in biology at the university in Freiburg, she intensively used any spare time to increase her skills and knowledge in skydiving. 

During these times she started to work additional as an instructor, keeping students safe while learning a new sport. 

After finishing university Steffi committed to work in one of europes first Indoor Skydiving facilities in Bottrop, Germany. Her intensive love for flying led to the participation in various records and competitions, outdoor and indoor, but her main focus was to teach and educate new skydivers. Sharing knowledge and passions came to an important part of her daily life, not only in sports. She enjoyed travelling as a backpacker seeing new places as well.

Workwise, her interest in the operations of Indoor Skydiving facilities was leading to administrative positions as an Operations Manager in Bottrop, Germany and General Manger in Vienna, Austria. Coaching was becoming unfortunately a side effect.

Besides her enthusiasm for Indoor Skydiving and Skydiving her personal demand in traveling to new places, meeting new cultures and experience breathtaking landscapes never stopped.

2017, after 9 years in administrative jobs, she decided to spend more time for coaching and traveling. She became a guide and lecturer for wildlife working for expedition cruise companies which give interested travelers the chance to explore the most remote areas of our planet. Sharing unique moments in extraordinary places was becoming her main focus.

Especially the polar regions fascinating her, hereby she spends 6 month out of a year in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Additional she is still teaching in the summer as a skydiving instructor in Klatovy, CZ and in the winter as an indoor skydiving coach mostly in Munich, Germany.

Privately her interest in new sports never stops and since 2019 she is also a hotairballon pilot.


Certificates - Guiding

  • Diploma Biology
  • RYA Powerboat License Level II
  • Fitness for Sea Certificate
  • STCW Basic Safety
  • Crowd Management
  • STCW Security Awareness
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Various vaccinations
  • Experience Guiding (Arctic - Spitsbergen, Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, Falkland Islands, Greenland, South America)

Skydiving: License and Achievements

  • Austrian Skydiving and AFF Instructor License
  • Germany Skydiving and AFF Instructor License
  • World Recordholder  2012 - biggest HD Formation
  • European Recordholder 2011+2013 - biggest HD Formation
  • Female World Record 2010 - biggest Formation HD
  • 6th place 4-way VFS Worldchampionship
  • 1st Place National Champion 4way-VFS
  • 1st Place Austrian Indoor Skydiving Championship, 2way VFS