Expedition Cruises

Join me for an adventure of a lifetime. After my first visit to Antartica I was bitten by the polar bug. A unlimited demand to re-visit this incredible place started. You wanna feel the same?


While joining an Expedition Cruise you can visit the most remote places on our planet:  the sub-antarctic island South Georgia, the Antarctic Peninsula, the high Arctic or many more. You will use a small cruise ship with only 200 guests as a floating hotel and will do excursions by foot or Zodiac to experience the landscape and the wildlife. All excursions depend mainly on the local weather condition so there is no fix schedule and we have to rely on your flexibility and spirit of adventure. On land and during seadays you get the chance to educate yourself by joining lecture and recaps about wildlife, history, geology, oceanography or climate.

What to expect?


Visit remote and untouched places



Feel and experience the unlimited power of nature



See, one of the last remaining wildlife terrains on our planet

The Arctic

Visit the remote Archipelago of Svalbard and meet polar bears, seals and uncountable seabirds in their natural environment. 



Come and experience the last real wilderness on our planet and experience endless glaciers and abundant wildlife in the last not inhabited continent.


Visit the breathtaking scenery of South Georgia, a subantarctic island or experience Aurora Borelis in autumn in Greenland